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Newsletter No 2 June 2016 - Meetings, Meetings, Meetings. Walking and Dining Group. Twiddlemuff update and more........
  File: Feb19 News.docx   Meeting notes and events report.

June Monthy Meeting 2019

A sweepstake was held to kick start the fundraising for next years 70th birthday celebrations of Comberbach WI.  Other events are in the planning stage.

Details were shared re the Cheshire Show entries and contributors. The WI group will have a produce stall at the Comberbach Fete 29th June, theme this year is the Greatest Showman, helpers are encouraged to ‘dress up’.

A garden party will be held on the 1st August, tickets £5.  Contributions and helpers are required. Knitters are required to make poppys for the Remembrance  Day Service.  Patterns available.  Reports were shared by the Rambling Group, Craft group, Book club and the Walking Netball team.  Future trips to Llandudno and Tutbury Castle were announced. 


The King and I

A fascinating talk was given by Norma Walmsley, who started off her presentation by playing a recording of "Shall we Dance?" from "The King and I" with sub titles, so everyone could sing along… It set the scene for an interesting insight into life in the  royal palace. Norma was the Governess for the Brunei Royal family for 10 years looking after their 12 children. 


Photos were shown of the palace, built on a specially constructed hill, as the King has to be higher than everyone else. The opulence was staggering. 


Under Norma's tutelage, the children flourished and the King was delighted. We were given a pictorial tour of the palace, but didn't see all the 1,700 rooms - just a selection, with plenty of gold in evidence.


Norma required a classroom at the palace and was invited to choose one. She was then given a generous budget to buy materials and books traveling to Singapore in the King's private jet to go shopping! The interior of the 'plane was as lavish as that of the palace.

A stranger gift was a large box, which she was keen to open, but she found it to be full of toilet rolls!! (Perhaps the King thought they were a luxury back in England...)  Norma's mother has also received a gift...she had been in the WI and had baked a traditional Bara Brith Welsh cake to gift to the King. He was so impressed; he gave Norma an envelope to pass on to her mother. Her mother assumed it was a letter of thanks and was astonished to find £1,000 inside. The talk and slideshow concluded with pictures of the children, who had all gone on to study at University and gained degrees - Norma's work was done.


The next meeting is Monday 1st July at 7.30.  Speaker Hazel Griffiths, Motion of the Ocean.

There will be a Bring and Buy Sale – to help raise funds for the Big party.  All members and guests welcomed. 


5th August Monthly meeting

This was a members meeting attended by some 48 members.  The structure of the meeting was informal, with members having brought a wonderfull array of food waiting ti be enjoyed by all.  


The business of the meeting was kept very short.  But a minutes silence was observed in respect of the recent very sudden and sad loss of valued fellow member Pat Kingston.  RIP. She will be greately missed by the Comberbach WI friends.